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About Solution Finders

Linking employers to candidates and helping people all around the world bag their dream job.

Solution Finders Ltd is a Learning & Development , Recruitment and Debt Advisory company with focus on the Nigerian market. If you have challenges in these areas....we have the solution.

Job Posting

Employers can enjoy the ease of posting their jobs.

Job Application

Candidates can apply for multiple jobs with one click with our job basket features.

CV Upload

Candidates can upload their CVs from their profile dashboard.


Employers and Candidates can create profiles and manage their profiles from their dashboard. Both Employers and Candidate can view profiles that are of interest to them.

Find Jobs

With our unique search bars, Candidates can search for jobs with ease by using keywords, specialization and industries.

Industry Search

No matter the industry you play in or are interested in, we are created the option to search based on any particular industry of choice.

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